The best weight loss programs offer a balanced approach that includes healthy eating, regular exercise, and small lifestyle changes. Try these tips to get in shape for summer. A good life coach with a health and wellness background can offer additional pointers.

Adopting this one simple habit can make a huge difference in two major ways. First, taking the time to chew food slowly and thoroughly leads to feeling full faster, which in turn leads to consuming less. Second, digestion is improved, with nutrients being absorbed more effectively. Take the time to enjoy eating.

Eat Quality Fats
Bodies require proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Instead of eliminating all fat from one’s diet, it’s much healthier to select quality fats. These include avocados, nuts, and ground flaxseed. These foods are recommended in many weight loss programs, and they promote heart health, too.

Drink Plenty of Water
To burn calories efficiently, a person’s metabolism needs to run smoothly. Drinking sufficient water can help regulate body weight and boost these metabolic processes. What’s more, water flushes out harmful toxins and helps every organ in the body function its best. Especially in the hot summer months, it’s important to be mindful of getting enough water.

Sleep Well
Most doctors recommend getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Poor or insufficient sleep can lead to weight gain due to overproduction of a hormone that stimulates appetite. Getting enough sleep consistently leads to balanced hormones and less stress, which are vital to maintaining a healthy weight.

Jump Around
Summer provides plenty of opportunities to get up and move. Jumping burns calories, which is the goal of weight loss programs around the world. Head to the beach and jump in the waves. At home, do jumping jacks or use jump ropes. Hop up and down on a small fitness trampoline. Jumping is fun, and it’s a great addition to any wellness program during the summer months and year-round.

A holistic approach to weight loss offers benefits during the summer months and helps to build long-term habits for a healthy lifestyle.