So natural it’s not classified as a ‘Dietary Supplement’

VESPA’s unique formula is low sugar, stimulant-free, and safe/legal for all sports. Because of it’s ingredients, it is classified by the FDA as an ‘Acidified Food’ instead of a ‘Dietary Supplement.’

The synergistic blend of Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly and the Wasp Extract Bio-active Peptide are a natural catalyst to optimize your ability to burn fat because VESPA works with your physiology to metabolize fat at higher rates & intensities for enhanced stamina & endurance. Just as importantly, VESPA makes the athlete “Blood Sugar Stable” resulting in greater focus & retention of fine motor skills. 

Get ready to explore your outer limits by tapping into YOUR limitless inner energy!

VESPA JUNIOR, is recommended for youth and athletes weighing under 140 pounds / 64 kilograms. VESPA JUNIOR is formulated as a “ready-to-go” 2.7 fluid ounce / 80 ml. drink taken 30-45 minutes prior to commencing physical activity and every 2 hours for activities of greater than 2-3 hours in duration. Many athletes prefer to use VESPA JUNIOR as a “boost” immediately at the start of competition and/or every 1-1.5 hours or at T1 & T2 for Triathlons and Aid Stations for ultra-endurance events due to its balanced blend of fat-burning wasp extract and fast-acting Orange Juice. For more information on using VESPA JUNIOR: Click Here

12 pack

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